What are the Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs ?

Guinea pigs wants soft bedding and that bedding which keep their cage dry and free from odors. Throughout the entire life, guinea pigs sleep and sit around most of the day in their bedding. It is the favorite place of guinea pig because they like this environment. So you really want the best bedding for guinea pigs.
Nowadays, most responsible guinea pig owners use paper-based bedding, aspen bedding or fleece. These three choices are the most common bedding types for a good reason – they are safe to use and have a lot of pros. But, like any other product out there, these bedding types all have pros and cons for use as a bedding material.

Types of Guinea Pig Bedding
There are main three types of guinea pig beddings.
Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding
Using fleece for bedding is still pretty new, however, fleece has gained a huge popularity in the recent years because it makes for a great bedding material. In my experience, I’ve used both fleece padding and paper bedding, and I can honestly say they’re both great choices. Usually, fleece is used for homemade cages or C&C habitats.
You should also put something absorbent underneath the fleece layer, even if it’s just a layer of towels. When you wash your fleece bedding, be sure not to use aromatic detergent since guinea pigs’ have an enhanced sense of smell.
Also, if the fleece is pre-treated correctly and has a proper under layer, it will be very absorbent. Generally, fleece bedding works out to be cheaper in the long term as it is reusable.
When using fleece, you need a good under layer to absorb the urine and prevent odor. Towels, puppy pads or u-haul pads should do the trick.

Paper Bedding For Guinea Pigs
If you do decide to go with disposable guinea ped bedding, there is absolutely no doubt you should choose paper-based bedding and not wood-based bedding.
Some people use shredded newspaper as bedding, but it doesn’t absorb liquid or odors much at all. If you don’t clean the cage frequently, you could get quite a nasty mess.
Paper bedding is a go-to choice for many guinea pig owners. It is because it is soft, absorbent, and good at odor control. The trouble is, even though different paper bedding brands are essentially made out of the same material, they come in varying qualities and types. This makes it hard for pet parents to figure out which product is most ideal.

Aspen bedding
Unlike pine and cedar shavings which should not be used (more about that at the bottom of this post), aspen bedding is a completely safe option, often recommended by the vets.

Is hemp bedding safe for guinea pigs?
Hemp-based beddings are safe for guinea pigs. They are very absorbent, odorless, dust-free and soft. It is a fast-growing plant and, therefore, a sustainable resource. Two popular brands of hemp bedding are Aubiose and Hemcore.
Some of the reviews about hemp beddings from customers are :
I use Auboise and I love it! My three girls (no boy bits to worry about!) are in a 24 sq ft shed and a bale lasts about 6 weeks (I only end up removing about 1/3 of the bedding each week) recently had to try a bale of miscanthus bedding as they were out of Auboise and I don't like it as much, it's dustier and the bits are bigger which makes scooping out the soiled areas harder as the clumps fall apart

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